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On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Distracted Driving |

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many Texas teens. After years of depending on adults to provide transportation, teens may feel a sense of liberation when finally being able to get behind the wheel and take off on their own.

Unfortunately, teen drivers sometimes lack the experience and maturity needed to operate a motor vehicle as safely as possible. If a teen does not exercise proper care or becomes distracted, he or she could easily be involved in an accident while on the road.

There are many kinds of distractions that could cause a teen driver to have a collision. Information gathered through a study of videos recorded just prior to accidents in cars driven by teens produced the following statistics:

  • Six percent of accidents involved teen drivers attempting to reach for objects.
  • Six percent of the accidents involved teen drivers grooming themselves.
  • Eight percent of the accidents involved teen drivers moving or singing to music.
  • Twelve percent of the accidents involved teen drivers using cell phones.
  • Fifteen percent of the accidents involved teen drivers interacting with passengers in the automobile.

Driving a car can be deceptively tricky and it is a skill that can take some time to master. In their hurry to get where they are going, some teen drivers may make critical errors due to allowing themselves to become distracted. But regardless of their youth, teen drivers to bear responsibility for their actions while on the road. And auto accidents can leave victims suffering from serious and even life-altering injuries.

If you are ever hurt in an accident that was caused by a distracted teen, then a Texas personal injury attorney may be able to offer advice and guidance on how to secure a fair level of compensation.