Motorcyclists more likely to suffer serious and fatal injuries

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Texas motorcyclists may be looking forward to a summer filled with long,
pleasurable rides. But motorcyclists must also proceed with caution as
they travel the state’s roadways.

According to information posted on the NHTSA’s website, on a per-mile-traveled basis,
motorcyclists suffer fatal accidents at a rate that is 16 times greater than that of passenger car occupants.
More than 2,100 motorcycle riders are killed in collisions every year.
Eighty percent of all motorcycle accidents reported resulted in death
or injury, compared to only 20 percent for car accidents.

Head injuries constitute the highest percentage of serious and fatal injuries.
This is why wearing a helmet that meets or exceeds federal safety standards
is so advisable. Studies show helmets have a 67 percent effectiveness
rate in serious brain injury prevention and a 29 percent effectiveness
rate in fatal head injury prevention.

Motorcyclists can also reduce their risk for injury by donning such protective
wear as leather pants, jackets and gloves. Wearing the right kind of footwear
and protective eyewear is also helpful.

Certainly, wearing helmets and protective clothing can help lessen the
severity of injuries that riders may suffer, but they are still far more
likely to suffer harm in accidents. Yet, most accidents are not the fault
of the riders. And when a motorcyclist is harmed due to the actions of a negligent driver, he or she may wind up spending
a prolonged period of time in the hospital and in recovery. Financial
hardships caused by medical expenses and time lost from work could become

If you or a loved one are ever injured in a motorcycle accident, you may wish to
contact a Texas personal injury attorney to help you through the process of obtaining your due compensation.