The correct shoes can help prevent oilfield injuries

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For those working in Texas oilfields, good physical health is an extremely
valuable asset. In order to earn their paychecks, oilfield workers must
be able to apply their strength and skills throughout long workdays. An
oilfield injury could make it difficult or even impossible for a worker
to meet the very taxing demands of the job.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed what oilfield workers can
do to help prevent injuring their hands. In this post, we go a bit lower and take a look at foot safety.
Many oilfield jobs require long periods of standing or walking. A foot
injury could keep a worker off the job for a prolonged period of time.
Shoes are a key element of foot safety. Here are some things to know about
safety footwear:

  • Shoes with reinforced toecaps can help absorb the impact of heavy objects
    that fall on your feet.
  • Treated shoes offer resistance to corrosives and chemicals.
  • Shoes that have metal reinforced soles can protect your feet from being
    cut or punctured by sharp objects.
  • It is best to use metal-free shoes when working near electricity.
  • Hi-cut boots and shoes offer firm ankle support. Hi-cuts can also keep
    such things as chemicals and molten metals from seeping onto the wearer’s feet.

As an oilfield worker, your livelihood is dependent on your body being
able to withstand the rigors of your job. A foot injury could sideline
you for days, weeks or even longer. If you are ever injured while on the
job, it is very important that you report it as soon as possible. Workers’
compensation can help offset your medical costs and time lost from work.

A Texas personal injury attorney could possibly help you maximize your
compensation. The attorney could represent your interests when you file
your claim.
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