Man attacked by two pit bulls in Texas

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In Texas, dog owners are expected to take responsibility for their pets.
A dog that is allowed to roam freely can be a danger to all those who
cross its path. This is especially true if the dog is predisposed to violent
or aggressive behavior.

Some dogs are so powerful that it may be impossible for a victim to protect
himself or herself from serious injury when attacked. Being attacked by one dog can be extremely traumatizing, but imagine
trying to take on two dogs at the same time.

Recently in Wichita Falls, Texas, police report that two pit bulls attacked
a man as he was walking down the street. The attack left the man bleeding
profusely and he may have also suffered head trauma. It was reported that
the man was taken to a hospital via ambulance and then later released.
As of the writing of this post, the full extent of the man’s injuries
was not known.

As for the dogs, both were captured by animal control. Reportedly, one
of the dog owners has been located while another has yet to be found.

In cases such as this, it is extremely important to track down the owners
and get as much information on the dogs as possible. If it can be determined
that a dog’s owner is aware of its propensity for dangerous behavior,
then that owner may be liable for the injuries suffered by the victim.

Negligent dog owners may be responsible for such damages as physical pain
and impairment, medical expenses and psychological harm. If you or someone
in your family are the victim of a dog attack, a Texas personal injury attorney may be able to put their experience toward helping you get fair

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July 27, 2015