Semi truck slams stopped pickup into ditch

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Semi truck drivers are often expected to maintain very tight schedules.
In order that they meet their deadlines, truck drivers may feel the need
to pass others on the road. This is fine, so long as the driver makes
sure to get the big picture of the road ahead. Because semi trucks are
so large, they can be difficult to bring to a quick stop. If a truck driver
fails to properly reduce speed when approaching slow or paused traffic, a very
serious accident could result.

Recently, police in Bryan, Texas reported an accident in which a semi truck
ran into a halted pickup truck. Investigators received word the incident
occurred after the semi truck had made a lane change in order to pass
another vehicle. However, the semi ended up striking the back of a pickup
truck that was stopped at an intersection while waiting to make a left turn.

The impact of the collision was such that it sent the pickup truck flipping
into a ditch. The pickup truck driver was transported to a hospital. Miraculously,
it is reported that the pickup truck driver was treated for only minor
injuries. The semi truck driver was issued a ticket for failing to control
the semi’s speed.

This story highlights a couple of things. First, it is imperative that
truck drivers always remain attentive and be ready to adjust their speed
when in proximity to other vehicles. Second, although the report mentions
the pickup driver was treated for merely minor injuries, the accident
described was potentially very serious.

The fact is, after an accident of this nature, it is possible the severity
of a victim’s injuries may not be readily apparent. Thus, a victim
should not hesitate to seek medical attention if he or she experiences
delayed symptoms.

If you are ever involved in a truck accident that may be owed to a truck
driver’s negligence, you may wish to touch base with a personal injury
attorney. The attorney could advise you on how to proceed with securing
a level of remuneration compensatory to your medical and other related
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