What are some defensive strategies to use near big rig trucks?

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When driving on Texas highways, it is extremely common to find yourself
sharing the road with large big rig trucks. Many of these trucks are carrying
cargo to destinations in and around San Antonio. And while trucks perform
an indispensable service, they can sometimes make your driving experience
a bit stressful. After all, these vehicles are so large and so powerful
that they simply overmatch passenger vehicles.

So what can you do as a driver to stay safe while traveling in proximity
to big rig trucks? Well, in general, you will want to drive defensively.
As such, it is a good idea to be prepared to give trucks the right of
way whenever necessary. In addition, the following are some other
helpful driving strategies you can employ when maneuvering near trucks:

  • Stay out of a truck’s No-Zones. No-Zones are areas behind and to the
    sides of trucks that are not visible to truck drivers.
  • Avoid getting caught between big rigs while driving.
  • Be extremely careful when making left turns in front of an approaching
    truck. Be sure you have time to clear the intersection safely.
  • When passing a truck, make sure there is plenty of distance between your
    vehicle and the truck prior to pulling into its lane.

These are just a few of the defensive-minded maneuvers that could help
keep you clear of danger when around trucks. But unfortunately, you may
encounter a situation where your best efforts are not enough to avoid a
catastrophe with a truck. Sometimes when they are behind the wheel, truck drivers may allow themselves
to become fatigued or distracted. A driver whose skills are in any way
compromised could cause an accident that leaves the occupants of another
vehicle seriously injured.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, you should
not have to bear the full financial burden of medical and other expenses.
An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you get compensation.
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