Emmy appearance shows comedian’s recovery after truck crash

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When comedian Tracy Morgan arrived at the podium of this year’s Emmy
Awards, he had traveled much farther than simply across a stage. Mr. Morgan’s
story is one of a man who has battled and continues to battle serious
health issues caused by a truck accident. The collision, which occurred in June 2014, also took the life of Mr.
Morgan’s friend and fellow comedian James McNair.

The immediate aftermath of the crash found Mr. Morgan in a coma. Since
coming out of the coma, the comedian has gone through the arduous process
of recovery. He says in an interview that he has both good and bad days.
He expressed that his bad days can be very frustrating. He also says that
there are times he has to isolate himself just to calm down.

Mr. Morgan wants to convey gratitude to all those who helped him through
the ordeal, including the doctors and emergency service workers who provided
him care. He now looks forward to rebuilding his career and once again
making people laugh.

But one of the most important aspects of Mr. Morgan’s accident is that
it drew attention to the severity of the consequences inherent in truck
accidents. No passenger vehicle is a match for a semi truck. And all too
often, these large vehicles are being operated by drivers whose road awareness
and reflexes have been badly compromised by the effects of fatigue.

The kind of tragedy that befell Mr. Morgan and his friend last June happens
to average citizens on a far too frequent basis. And should you or a member
of your family be involved in a serious truck accident, you will likely
need compensation to cover not only immediate medical expenses but expenses
for long-term treatment as well. An experienced motor vehicle accident
attorney could possibly help you maximize any settlements for which you
are eligible.
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