In good times and bad, trucks transporting oil can have accidents

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The oil business in Texas is often a boom or bust proposition. When things
are going good, the crude is being brought up from the ground at an almost
overwhelming volume. Even when production slows down, there is still work
to be done.

Once the crude oil has been extracted from the earth, it has to be transported
elsewhere for refining and distribution. There are a variety of ways in
which oil can be moved about the country, including rail and pipelines.
Sometimes, oil companies use tanker trucks to get the job done.

Tanker trucks have the advantage of being able to get to locations other
means of transportation cannot. Trucks can also be quickly dispatched
when all other types of transportation are not available.

The downside of using trucks for oil transport is that trucks must share
the road with the general public. This means that should an accident occur, innocent victims could suffer the consequences. Moreover, during peak
periods, drivers are often under pressure to move as much oil as quickly
as possible. This can lead to drivers missing required rest breaks and
being fatigued while behind the wheel.

What’s more, sometimes the routes taken by trucks include roadways
that were not built to accommodate heavy traffic. All of these factors
can create the potential for serious truck accidents. Because the contents
of an oil tanker truck are so combustible, it is possible that a collision
could result in an explosion.

Oil companies, trucking companies and truck drivers all owe the general
public a duty of care when their trucks are on the road. If someone you
love is ever injured in an accident with an oil truck, a Texas truck accident
attorney may be able to help you get compensation. The attorney could
perform an investigation in an effort to demonstrate liability in the
preparation of a civil suit or to work with insurance companies to reach
a settlement.
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