Responsibility falls on truck drivers to properly secure cargo

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Texas roadways handle large volumes of semi-truck traffic every day. Many
of these trucks are loaded with cargo bound for destinations all across
the state and country. In order to keep that cargo from spilling onto
the road and causing an accident, it has to be properly secured.

Before getting on the road, truck drivers should make sure their loads
are not in danger of shifting. The following items are part of a checklist that truck drivers can use to help make sure their cargo is properly secured:

  • Examine vehicle structures and securement devices, which should be used
    in accordance to their capabilities and in good working order.
  • Make sure vehicle equipment is safely stowed.
  • Examine cargo packaging. Any issues with inadequate packaging should be
    reported to the carrier.

It is a driver’s responsibility to make sure that the load is secured
properly throughout the trip. As the trip proceeds the driver should check
to make sure securement equipment maintains its integrity and cargo does
not slip. If necessary, the driver should adjust the securement devices
or even add more devices if needed.

By taking the above-mentioned pre-trip steps, a truck driver can make sure
his or her cargo arrives safely and in good condition. Most importantly,
proper load securement helps to prevent accidents that can occur if a
load should shift and fall onto the road.

Improperly secured cargo can easily slide off a truck and land on top of,
or in front of, another vehicle, causing a very serious accident. If you
or a family member should ever suffer serious injuries due to a truck
driver failing to properly secure a load, a Texas truck accident attorney
may be able to assist you in obtaining proper compensation.
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