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Many of us have had a common experience when driving on a two-lane thoroughfare in Texas: getting stuck behind a slow-moving semi truck. While this situation may seem mundane, it can also be fraught with danger. Perhaps the most hazardous aspect of this situation is trying to figure out if it is safe to pass the big rig.

Passing a truck presents two problems. First, they are so large that it is nearly impossible to see if there are any oncoming cars in the lane in which you will be passing. The other issue is that a semi truck is an extremely long vehicle, meaning that it could take some time to pass while you are in a lane that is meant for traveling in the opposite direction.

This hazardous situation could one day become a distant memory thanks to a new invention created by Samsung. The invention is being referred to as the “transparent truck.” The truck is outfitted with a camera in the front, which captures video footage of road in front of the truck. That footage is relayed in real-time to the back of the truck. The footage is projected on the rear part of the truck, allowing those following the truck to see what is ahead.

Time magazine considered the transparent truck worthy of being named one of the top inventions of 2015. Time magazine’s website claims that these trucks will help prevent traffic accidents that occur when drivers have their vision obstructed by large vehicles.

Hopefully, Time magazine is correct, and the transparent truck will help save lives and prevent injuries.

However, visibility issues are not the only problems trucks pose for other motorists. Truck drivers who are distracted, fatigued or otherwise impaired can also create dangers.

If you should be struck by a drifting truck as you attempt to make a pass, you could be seriously injured while the negligent driver may escape without a scratch. Truck drivers need to be held accountable when they cause accidents. If you are injured in a truck accident, it may be worthwhile to have a personal injury attorney help you prepare a case aimed at getting you fair compensation.

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