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Most people understand that it is important to follow the directions when
taking prescription medications. There are many obvious reasons for this,
including the fact that incorrect use or abuse of a prescription drug could have very serious health consequences. Of equal importance is the
fact that many medications have side effects that can alter our perceptions
and motor skills, which can be especially dangerous when using heavy machinery
or driving a motor vehicle.

Given that truck drivers spend long hours on the road operating large,
powerful vehicles, it is very important that their use of medications is carefully regulated. To this end, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration strictly
prohibits commercial truck drivers from using prescription drugs or controlled
substances. The exception being drugs that are prescribed by licensed

Of concern are such habit-forming drugs as narcotics and amphetamines.
The use of any such drug or substance medically disqualifies a driver
from operating a commercial vehicle. Other disqualifying medications include
methadone and drugs used for treating seizures.

The only way for a driver to receive an exception to any of the aforementioned
regulations is to first get a written statement from a doctor who attests
it is safe for the driver to be taking a prescribed medication. That statement
is submitted to a medical examiner that uses his or her discretion in
deciding whether to certify the driver.

Truck drivers must adhere to these regulations that have been created to
help keep us all safer when on the road. If a truck driver is involved
in an accident while under the effects of a prescription drug or other
controlled substance, he or she could be held liable.

A serious truck accident demands a thorough investigation. If you have
been in such an accident, you may find the services of a Texas personal
injury attorney extremely helpful. The attorney could call in experts
to help discover the root cause of the accident. If it turns out the driver
was impaired, you may wish to file a lawsuit as a means of pursuing fair
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