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Semi-trucks spend a good percentage of their time on the highways where
they typically pose little threat to bicyclists. But semi-truck drivers
often make deliveries to areas where the streets also cater to bicycle
traffic. And in such situations, both truck drivers and bicyclists must
keep a sharp lookout for one another in order to avoid accidents.

Of course, if you are a bicyclist you are no doubt aware of some of the
hazards of riding in the vicinity of these mammoth vehicles. But there
are some proactive measures you can take to help you steer clear of trouble
when sharing the roadways with trucks. Here are a few such measures:

  • When riding beside a truck, make sure you can see the mirrors or the driver;
    if you can’t, then the driver cannot see you.
  • Always avoid stopping on a truck’s right side when at an intersection.
  • Always ride wearing highly visible, brightly colored clothing. This is
    especially important in inclement weather and during the nighttime.
  • Whenever possible, stay within the confines of biking lanes.
  • Ride defensively. Even in cases where you have the right of way, it is
    better to yield than risk injury.

Semi-trucks are so large and so powerful that if one so much as nudges
a bicyclist, he or she could be seriously injured. And if the truck should
strike a bicycle full-on while traveling rapidly, the rider could easily
suffer life-altering or even fatal injuries. Some injuries could require
a long period of convalescence and treatment. But in the case of extensive brain or spinal injuries, the rider will likely need special care and accommodations for the duration of his or her life.

While it is important for you as a bicyclist to do all you can to avoid
collisions with trucks, truck drivers also have a responsibility to watch
out for you. If you should be injured by a negligent truck driver, a Texas
truck accident attorney may be able to help you prove liability and receive
appropriate compensation.
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