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On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Truck drivers are accountable for more than just getting their loads delivered on time. They also bear responsibility for ensuring that their rigs do not pose any unnecessary risks to other motorists. One of the most important things truck drivers must do at all times is make sure that their cargo is properly loaded and secured.

Cargo that is not secured or loaded correctly can cause some serious problems. For example, freight that is not securely strapped down can shift when the truck is in motion. This is especially dangerous when the cargo is resting on a flatbed trailer. Often, such trailers are used to carry metal or cement pipes.

When unsecured pipes start rolling, there may not be time for a driver to pull over before they spill onto the highway and into the path of oncoming traffic. If these pipes continue to roll after hitting the ground, they will be that much harder for other motorists to avoid.

A collision with fallen truck freight could leave accident victims severely injured and in need of expensive medical treatment. For this reason, victims have good reason to seek maximum compensation to cover their costs for recovery.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we place emphasis on helping victims of truck accidents receive appropriate compensation for their injuries. In a case involving fallen cargo, we will perform an investigation to determine who is liable. It is possible the driver had some measure of responsibility, but the fault could also lie with the securement devices or the parties that loaded the trailer.

By exploring all possibilities, we can help you hold the responsible parties accountable, which in turn may result in you getting a fair settlement. You can read our page covering cargo-related truck accidents to learn more.