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Depending upon the job that you do, you may nod your head that some of the routine and daily duties become so mundane and mind-numbing you are now able to do them while multitasking or almost without realizing you have done them at all. Moreover, most of us have had bad days at work; off days where something else was on our mind or even simply days where we went through the motions without ever being very cognizant of where we were.

That may be true for the majority of us. But what about those people who were given great responsibility at their jobs? What happens when they have an off day? Go through the motions? Multitask?

Simply put, those with great responsibility cannot afford to have an off day.

But was it an off day or was it something more reckless that resulted in the death of four college softball players in 2014? The determination is set to commence against the man, who in going about his job, managed to take their lives. He is now ordered to stand trial for charges of manslaughter in the first degree. He faces four counts; one for each woman.

Federal transportation authorities reported a belief that the driver was influenced by synthetic drugs, resulting in the crash and prosecutors now believe they have all the evidence they need to commence a trial for the four counts.

You can help keep the roads safe. If you have been hurt by a reckless truck driver, you must set a precedent that this is not okay and hold them accountable for failing to take the responsibility of their job seriously. If you have lost a loved one, your job may be even more important as you may be the only advocate for your loved one. A Texas truck accident attorney may provide the legal prowess and know-how to further your fight for accountability.

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