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The government and crash investigators, as well as much of the general
public, have long since recognized a need for greater safety procedures
and progress measures to become standardized within the trucking and commercial
transportation industry. As the industry continues to be directly intertwined
with personal vehicle travel, dangers remain constant. However, the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in an effort to satisfy statutes
set about in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, has
completed nearly 3/4ths of the sections in the Moving Ahead for Progress
in the 21st Century Act.

With the enactment of MAP-21, an effort has been made to focus on safety
and in doing so, the
FMCSA has done such things as publishing the rules that have been finalized

  • How electronic logging will be utilized to log driver’s hours.
  • Prohibiting freight forwarders, brokers, carriers and shippers from swaying
    drivers to push the limits of the Federal safety regulations.
  • Implementing an enhanced ability for the Agency to identify all members
    of its safety oversight by using the Unified Registration System.

They also published notices concerning proposed rule-making regarding:

  • The training of entry-level drivers, particularly on the MAP-21 regulations.
  • The proposed establishment of a clearinghouse for alcohol and drug testing.

The FMCSA has also worked to implement the National Registry of Certified
Medical Examiners which issue medical certificates for bus and truck drivers.

With headway being made by the FMCSA, it has never been clearer that the
government is making truck safety a priority and recognizes the real dangers
of allowing certain violations and errors to persist unregulated.

If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one to a
truck accident, then you recognize how crucial these improvements may be in the future.
However, they may have done little to help you now. The very emphasis
put on their materialization means you may have a case for remuneration.
Your Texas truck accident attorney will be able to listen to your case
and answer questions to assist your pursuit of justice.
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