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On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Anyone who has lived in Texas for any length of time likely has become accustomed to news of accidents involving trucks along the stretch of highway running predominantly north and south through the state, Interstate 35.

In the Fort Worth area, a tow truck driver was reported to have inexplicably left the roadway while towing a vehicle and ended up coming to rest between the exit ramp and the highway in the median. There were two people in the truck, including the driver, at the time of the wreck. One person suffered from reportedly minor injuries while another lost his or her life.

Witness reports seem to indicate it was the passenger who was unable to depart the vehicle and who ultimately died inside the truck after the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Another person was able to escape through the driver-side window.

There are no immediate reports as to what happened and why the truck suddenly exited the interstate, nor why it went up in flames. If the driver was carrying a customer whose vehicle was being towed, and that occupant of the tow truck was the one to have lost his or her life in the fire, the investigation will be crucial to determining causation of such a senseless tragedy.

If you or a loved one was injured after a tow truck came to assist you, you should know you may have grounds for substantial remuneration. Damages could cover not just vehicle repair or replacement, but also the costly expenses of emergency medics, care flights, ongoing medical issues, rehabilitation, psychological care and trauma counseling as well as, in some cases, funeral expenses and the extreme pain and suffering that can accompany such a loss.

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