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Senseless tragedies happen everyday. Accidents happen too, and they are
qualified as an accident because they were unintentional. However, some
accidents are different than others. Some accidents are preventable and
avoidable. In those situations, someone’s negligence or recklessness
is often the cause of the accident and that person or company can and
should be held accountable.

In the wake of the tragedy involving a bridge in Sealy, Texas, and the
12-year old girl who lost her life, both her mother and her father have
filed suits against the
trash company whose truck hit the bridge. The victim’s mother also filed suit against
the driver of the truck.

The suit alleges that the trash truck failed to lower its boom and in doing
so put everyone in danger and demonstrated a lack of care toward the safety
of others on the road. Prior to reaching the bridge, there was signage
over the roadway stating that if you hit the sign you will hit the bridge.
Cylinders hung from the sign. Witnesses allege the truck hit the sign’s
cylinders and continued on. The suit alleges that the truck headed south,
at a high rate of speed and the victim’s car was headed north. The
truck’s boom struck the bridge and brought down sections of the concrete
overpass. Some of the debris struck the mother’s car and killed her
12-year-old daughter, seriously injured the mother and other minor children
in the car and completely destroyed the car.

If you were involved in an accident or you lost a loved one as the result
of an accident, you too may have a lawsuit on your hands. No one wants
to experience the kind of grief that these sorts of events bring about
but there is some relief in knowing that you may be able to hold accountable
the negligent or reckless parties. A Texas attorney may be able to
listen to your case and offer you guidance to get started.

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