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No one said life was going to be fair. You are more than familiar with that promise. The most beautiful and healthy people are taken down by cancer, their bodies ravaged by disease before they pass. It never stops being unsettling to see a child fighting the disease. But, what of the cancer on the roadways? The senseless killer that is preventable and would not have happened without human recklessness, negligence or error. Sure, accidents usually involve some unfortunate circumstance outside of human control but in the case of many truck accidents, the accident would not have been so extreme had other dangerous factors not been present.

For instance, a truck could experience a mechanical failing and be unable to stop when the traffic in front of it suddenly does. This could be the result of routine maintenance being passed over or even forged. In such an event the company that owns the truck may be held accountable.

Or perhaps a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel. Was the driver operating the vehicle for too many consecutive hours without a substantial break? In a circumstance such as this, the driver could be held accountable and so might the company he or she drives for, if it can be shown that pressure was put on the driver to make an otherwise impossible deadline.

Did the driver swerve into the wrong lane or lose control of the vehicle? Was the driver on his or her phone or otherwise distracted? This sounds like a definitive case of the driver being at fault. However, if the driver has a record that could paint him or her as a less than safe driver, the company that put him on the road in its truck could be held accountable as well.

There are many areas in which to investigate after a truck accident. At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, you can keep recovery as your priority while the attorneys handle most aspects of your case. Driving on the road should not be dangerous and sometimes, being injured or killed in an accident isn’t something beyond human control. By reducing the likelihood of human causation, we may see safer streets eventually.