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The central Texas skies lit up in the early morning hours on an otherwise
ordinary Friday this August when an SUV and a tanker truck collided in
the parking lot of a gas station in Killeen. What resulted was a massive
fire that consumed both trucks and even damaged other vehicles in the
parking lot and destroyed a fire truck that responded to the emergency.

One man died after his pickup truck caught fire. Early autopsy reports indicate his death was a result of thermal injuries
and smoke inhalation. Residents of the area were required to leave their
homes and get to safe ground. Hazmat units were called in after gasoline
was detected running into a nearby creek.

As of yet, there is still no definitive information released as to why
and how the collision happened nor any idea of who was responsible for
the resulting damage and the fatality. If the trucker was at fault, the
truck driver and the company that employed him could be held accountable
in both a civil and criminal court.

However, if you have been injured by a gasoline carrying tanker truck or
any other commercial vehicle, you may not know where to turn to find justice.
A Texas truck accident attorney will be able to direct you on your next
steps and what measures must be taken as well as where to pursue the compensation
to which you are entitled. If a further investigation is necessary, your
attorney may be able to assist in a full-scale investigation into causation,
leaving no stone unturned in the quest for justice.
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