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Passing, merging and stopping are three things that drivers of 18-wheelers find challenging. While other drivers are urged to be aware of these difficulties, it sometimes seems that the truckers use the size and weight of their vehicles to bully their way through traffic. Driving at highway speeds with tons of weight at their backs, tractor trailer operators cannot afford to take chances. Lives can change in the blink of an eye.

Because of the length of a truck, drivers must often prepare before they change lanes. You may notice a truck with its signal flashing for miles before it makes a move into the next lane. Even then, you may see cars scurrying out of the way to make room. Tractor trailers have larger blind spots than other vehicles, and this makes it harder to see smaller cars, especially on the right side of the truck. Accidents involving trucks are often caused because a driver changes lanes without checking the blind spot.

An attempt to merge onto a highway from a ramp is another time when accidents with trucks occur. Truckers know that it is harder to regain speed if they have to slow down to merge, and it is easier to maintain their speed while entering the highway. Those unfortunate drivers passing the ramp just as a truck enters the freeway may not have time to shift lanes to make room for a truck that refuses to yield.

One of the more recent types of truck accidents occurs when a driver fails to stop for vehicles that slow down ahead. This happens in construction areas or where other accidents have blocked the flow of traffic. Truckers who are not alert to the changes ahead have plowed into the backs of cars causing devastating chain reactions, injuries and fatalities.

In the 15 years we at The Law Offices of Tyler and Peery have been investigating truck accidents, we have seen families changed forever by the negligence of truck drivers. We understand how painful such a tragedy can be, and we are aggressive in pursuing compensation for those affected. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, you can depend on receiving compassionate, dedicated representation from our experienced attorneys. Please contact us to discuss your case.