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If you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee manufactured between 1993 and 2004, you
should know about a potential recall that may follow an investigation
of these vehicles for possible defects. However, if you drive on any Texas
roads today, you should beware of the over three million potentially deadly
Jeep Grand Cherokees with which you may come into contact. Vehicle defects
can pose serious harm, so staying educated about auto recalls could save
you from unnecessary problems and also injury or death.

Jeepers Creepers

According to preliminary data published by the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA), fuel tank issues with over three million
Jeep Grand Cherokees made between 1993 and 2004 may have caused 55 fire-related
fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. NHTSA received a letter from the
Center for Auto Safety (CAS) late last year, prompting the investigation.
The letter alleged that the placement of the Grand Cherokee’s fuel
tank and inadequate shielding of it make it more likely to break open
or leak if the SUV is hit from behind. The vehicles have not yet been
officially recalled, but Chrysler issued a statement that it is fully
cooperating with the investigation.

Rampant Recalls

While there are minor automobile recalls that occur every year, the past
two years have involved some major vehicle recalls. Most people are aware
of Toyota’s sudden acceleration issues, which have been linked to many
car accidents involving catastrophic injuries and crash-related deaths. Both Hyundai
and Kia have also had recent recalls. Hyundai Sonatas were recalled for
steering system defects that caused drivers to lose control while Kia
Souls and Sorentos were recalled for wiring harness problems that could
potentially lead to fires. These defects can directly lead to someone’s
injury or death, so actions must be taken to hold car makers accountable.

Death by Defects

In automobile accidents, vehicle defects are often overlooked and the blame placed solely onto the at-fault driver.
However, these flaws can cause crashes or make them deadlier, which in
turn can injure or kill people unnecessarily. Defects can involve issues
with the structural integrity of a vehicle, airbag deployment, rollover
risks, collapsed roofs, seatbelt problems, door failure, fuel system explosions
or fires, and occupant ejection. A bill introduced in the U.S. Congress
earlier this year, the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010, aims to make
vehicle manufacturers more responsible for defects. The bill is currently
in committee for discussion, but as consumers we can all be more aware
of car defects and government recalls.

Call for Help

If you or a loved one was recently in an accident that involved a Jeep
Grand Cherokee or other recalled vehicle,
contact a local attorney. A lawyer experienced in accident reconstruction can
help you ascertain whether you may have a claim against a vehicle manufacturer,
in addition to any other negligent parties.