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After suffering an injury in an accident, it can be difficult to find out
where you can turn to get the help you need. In order to maximize the
fair and just compensation you deserve, it is in your best interest to
discuss your legal options, including mediation, with an experienced personal
injury lawyer.

At the
Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, our attorneys bring more than 130 years of combined experience to injury
and wrongful death cases. Four of our six
attorneys are board-certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of
Legal Specialization. We have the litigation skills and experience to
help you pursue the fair and just compensation you deserve.


Unlike arbitration, which is binding and therefore often used to shortchange
the rights of injury victims, mediation is a voluntary process. Going
through mediation is a way for injury victims to have more input into
how and under what terms their cases are settled. At Tyler & Peery,
we have a favorable view of mediation and believe it can be a valuable
process for our clients.

It is important to understand that mediation is a give-and-take discussion
between both parties. If both sides want to settle the issue, it will
be settled; if both sides cannot agree, we are prepared to aggressively
pursue fair compensation through

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