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Most truck drivers have seen motor vehicle operators doing some very risky and idiotic things on the road. In some cases, this unwise maneuvers result in car versus semitruck collisions that cause catastrophic injuries — or worse — death.

However, semitruck drivers also should take a cold, hard, critical look at their own driving behavior. They should also educate themselves on safety practices that could help them avoid a serious collision.

What semitruck drivers can do to avoid motor vehicle crashes

The following safety tips might seem like they’re obvious, or common sense, but you would be surprised how much common sense goes out the window after a driver spends 10 years on the highway full-time, making boring cross-country hauls. As the comfort level increases, truck drivers simply forget to pay attention to certain common sense details.

If you’re a truck driver, be sure to review the following safety recommendations and regularly check in with your driving habits to ensure that you’re following them:

  • Change lanes sparingly: Every time you try to maneuver your big rig across lanes of traffic on the highway, you’re increasing your chances of getting into a collision. If you do need to change lanes, double-check your blind spots and use your turn signal.
  • Share the road with drivers: Give cars as much space as you possibly can. You can’t react to traffic conditions as quickly as they can do to the slow-moving nature of your semitruck. Giving them space gives you more time to react.
  • Alert other drivers if you have to pull over: Pulling over on the side of the road may be necessary to make repairs. However, if you’re broken down on the edge of the road, be sure to use flashers and/or road flares to warn your fellow motorists of your position.
  • Drive in response to weather conditions: If it’s raining, slow down and honor the fact that the roads are slipperier and visibility is less. Be sure that your driving reflects and any all weather conditions.

Follow the above advice and prevent accidents

By following the above advice, semitruck drivers can prevent numerous car accidents. Regardless of who is at fault in a commercial truck accident, if you were seriously injured in the crash — or if you loved one was killed — you may want to investigate your legal rights and options.