Does Insurance Cover Bird Scooter Accidents?

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Electric motorized scooters are becoming an increasingly popular form of
transportation. You can locate and order an electric motorized scooter
from your smartphone from companies like Bird and Lime in cities across
the United States, including San Antonio.

Once you rent one of these scooters, you can ride to any location in the
city and drop the scooter off where ever you please. However, with the
growing popularity of these devices comes a more popular question: What
happens if a scooter driver is involved in a collision?

As Bird and Lime scooters become more popular, catastrophic accidents are
more prevalent due to factors such as lack of awareness, unsafe driving,
or defective scooters. When this happens, there is the question of whether
your insurance company will pay for the damages when an accident does occur.

Because these cases are so relatively new, it can be difficult to understand
who is responsible for paying for damages if you have suffered an injury
in a scooter accident. This is why it is imperative to speak with an experienced attorney.

Are You Required to Purchase Insurance?

The scooter insurance laws are different in each state. Insurance regulations
also vary depending on engine size. Most scooter rental companies offer
scooters with engines smaller than 50 cc. Most states do not require you
to have insurance for an engine that small. You can

Look at your insurance policy to determine whether you are covered, or
speak with an experienced attorney. In general, auto insurance does not
cover electric scooter accidents. Home insurance may provide some coverage
for any accident that occurs on your property, even while you are away
from your home.

However, some home insurance policies may limit or exclude liability coverage
because the motorized scooter is a rental. Like anything new, each insurance
carrier will have a different policy regarding electric scooter accidents.

Your Insurance Options

If the injured scooter rider or pedestrian has purchased insurance, their
carrier may cover the cost of damages. Scooter insurance will typically cover:

• Collision: Covers any damage resulting from a scooter collision
with a bicyclist, car, pedestrian or another scooter.

• Liability: Protects you from having to pay out of pocket for any
damage to another or their property that occurs while operating a scooter.

• Medical: Covers any medical bills after a scooter accident.

You can also purchase personal liability umbrella insurance for extra liability
coverage if you regularly ride bikes or motorized scooters. Umbrella policies
cover property damage, injuries, and some lawsuits.

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