5 Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

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Road accidents are always dangerous, but those involving big trucks are
typically much worse. This is due to the much greater size and weight
of a truck, which typically also carries large volumes of products or
even chemicals as cargo. In the case of an 18-wheeler, the vehicle may
weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, which is many times heavier than a regular car.

It’s important to stay as safe as possible while sharing the road
with massive trucks. Unfortunately, accidents are not always avoidable.
Here are the five most common reasons that
truck accidents occur.

Driver Error

Although truck drivers are required to undergo extensive training for their
work, there are still many unfortunate mistakes that can happen. One of
the most common is that the driver is overly tired due to the long hours
they work. An accident can also occur if a trucker is under the influence
of alcohol or drugs or even due to not knowing how to effectively use
defensive driving techniques.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Commercial trucks are on the roads every single day and have a huge job
to do. They also travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles, on a daily
basis. As a result, they must be properly maintained at all times. Sadly,
that doesn’t always happen, and it can easily lead to a road accident.

If the vehicle has problems like a worn-out brake pad or a cracked windshield,
it can quickly lead to a very serious crash. The trucker has a responsibility
to thoroughly check the truck prior to getting on the road at the start
of their shift. If there are any problems, they must immediately report
them as well.

Equipment Failure

Another common reason for truck accidents is equipment failure. If there
are any defective parts or if the manufacturer was negligent during its
production, it can lead to problems on the road, including serious accidents.
The manufacturer, trucking company or mechanic could be held liable for
the accident if they are found to have produced or manufactured defective

Inclement Weather

Bad weather can cause even the best drivers to have problems on the road.
If a trucker lacks adequate training to drive in certain weather conditions
like heavy rain, snow and ice, it can result in a disaster. It can lead
to an accident if the driver is unable to drive more slowly and brake
in time to avoid a crash. In inclement weather, it’s important that
they drive at slower speeds to avoid issues with braking, which can lead
to problems like skidding, hydroplaning and jackknifing.

Improper Cargo Loading

Finally, a
truck accident commonly happens due to the cargo being improperly loaded. There are certain
rules pertaining to the loading, weight, height, width, length and size,
in general, and for securing that cargo. If something is not properly
loaded, it can cause the contents to fall or even the truck to tip over,
which can lead to a serious accident.

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