The Dangers of Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Material

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In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the complexity of trucking accident cases compared to ones involving normal vehicular accidents.

Now, add hazardous cargo into the equation and it becomes an even more serious situation. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), large trucks carry three billion tons of hazardous material across the country each year.

Accidents involving these types of vehicles can lead to severe and even fatal injuries for those involved or nearby.

Regular Trucks vs. Tanker Trucks

Some trucks carry material as innocent as milk. On the other hand, tanker trucks carry hazardous cargo that can cause even more damage in the event of a collision, especially if the material is:

  • Flammable

  • Explosive

  • Radioactive

  • Corrosive

  • Toxic

Some of the most common hazardous cargo on trucks includes:

  • Compressed gases

  • Chemicals

  • Petroleum products

  • Oil

Possible Damages

These materials themselves are dangerous, however, there are additional risks that come with a collision involving such materials. The force of a collision can cause the material to spill or explode and lead to fires, chemical burns, radiation, and poisoning.

As a result, accident victims and those nearby the site of the crash can ultimately develop:

  • Serious skin burns

  • Organ damage

  • Blindness

  • Severe emotional injuries

  • Injuries that lead to death

Injured in a Hazmat Truck accident?

If you’ve been injured in a tanker truck accident, you can bet that the trucking company will have a fleet of investigators and attorneys of their work working hard to reduce their liability. You don’t want to go up against these powerful insurance companies alone, and we don’t want you to.

Our legal team is prepared to handle every aspect of your case to hold negligent parties accountable and fight hard for your maximum compensation. This way, you can focus on healing the right way.

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