Brake issues and other frequent causes of truck accidents

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Texas drivers who share the road with large trucks cannot help but feel a level of concern as to the potential dangers they present. Because they are so massive and travel at great speeds, a collision with a truck can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Since so many people commute, taking to the highway is a necessity. Being aware of the common catalysts of truck crashes can be helpful in avoiding them.

Research shows three most common truck accident causes

A comprehensive study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sought to determine what caused the highest number of truck accidents. While only 44% of the accidents were determined to have been caused by the trucker or problems with the truck, the top three issues were truckers driving too fast based on road conditions, brake problems, and driving on unfamiliar roads.

Truckers tend to speed. If the weather is poor, if the traffic is heavy, or if the roads are treacherous and the drivers do not reduce speed, it can cause accidents. If the truck drives too fast for conditions, there is a 670% higher chance of it being the reason for the accident. If the vehicle’s brakes are not functioning properly, there is a 170% higher possibility of it being the cause of the accident. Finally, truckers may be on unfamiliar roads. Making wrong turns and not knowing how the road is configured are examples. These issues raise the danger of an accident by 100%.

Accruing evidence as to the truck accident cause is key

People in smaller vehicles who are involved in truck accidents might suffer severe injuries and even lose their lives. Long hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and the need for rehabilitation and help with performing the most basic tasks are some of the potential after effects. These issues can result in massive expenses and the inability to work. When there is a fatality, there will be funeral costs and emotional impacts from the unexpected loss. The cause of the accident can be essential for any possible claims for compensation. Having professional help from an attorney can help the injured party to pursue a case.