Are delivery drivers causing more accidents?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The development of “gig economy” apps greatly expanded the way consumers could call on delivery drivers. Food, books, consumer electronics, and furniture become ready to purchase and deliver with ease. Delivery drivers may find themselves in a rush to get an order to a Texas customer on time, which might increase the potential for an accident.

Delivery drivers and concerns about negligent accidents

Incidents involving the corporate giant Amazon reveal the dangers of rushed deliveries. Some publications conducted an investigation of Amazon delivery driver accidents from 2015 onward. The investigation suggests that Amazon’s promotion of faster deliveries coincided with vehicle crashes and fatal accidents.

Reportedly, Amazon executives were not interested in instituting additional safety measures. Plans for drug testing drivers allegedly went nowhere.

The Amazon story might indicate a problem that exists across the entire delivery-based business model. Drivers worried about losing their gigs over late deliveries may rush to get an order to a customer’s door. Doing so comes with risks that may lead to a lawsuit.

Taking action against negligent parties

If a driver commits a moving violation, such as making an illegal turn at a red light, the driver could be liable for any resulting injuries or property damage. Trying to deliver packages or food on time does not provide any immunity for civil or criminal wrongs.

An injured party may file a claim when motor vehicle accidents happen. Unfortunately, some drivers do not carry insurance appropriate for commercial activities.

An employer or partnering company may end up named as a litigant, as well. If the company did anything negligent, including instituting a policy that encouraged potentially dangerous driving, a victim might sue the company.