Texas is among the worst states in the country for drunk driving

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Car Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Drunk Driving AccidentsMotor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving in San Antonio can be both scenic and chaotic, much like any other major urban area. However, local roads might not be as safe as those in other metros.

A recent study shows that Texas ranks as the fourth worst state for drunk driving in the United States. This ranking is partially based on the number of drunk driving fatalities per capita. In fact, another study found that San Antonio had more DWI arrests than any other city in the nation.

Why drunk driving accidents tend to be more severe

Compared to other types of car accidents, drunk driving crashes may be more likely to cause life-changing or fatal injuries. There are many potential risk factors that make drunk driving accidents unique, such as:

  • Poor reaction times
  • Poor visual processing
  • Higher speeds
  • Impulsive behavior and unpredictable movement
  • Wrong-way driving

A sober driver could be ready to respond to the roadway or hazards. A drunk driver, however, may be incapable of attempting any last-minute corrections to avoid or reduce the impact of a crash.

Unfortunately, these factors can mean that an accident could be among the most dangerous types, such as a high-speed or head-on collision. The intense force of these crashes could lead to paralysis, head injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries or death.

Drunk drivers are responsible for resulting injuries

Drunk drivers can be held responsible for their actions –from both criminal and civil perspectives. This means that injured drivers and surviving family members can seek full compensation for the devastating consequences of drunk driving accidents.