Information about spinal fractures and types

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The spine helps the body bend and straighten, so any injury to this area can interfere with daily functioning. Spinal fractures are a common injury caused primarily by falls and auto accidents. There are various types of spinal fractures that an injured party in Texas may experience.

Overview of spinal fractures

A spinal fracture often happens due to traumatic events, but it can also occur from certain health conditions. A spinal fracture commonly causes a dislocation or break of the vertebrae anywhere on the spinal column.

The thoracic and lumbar regions of the back, or the mid and lower areas, are most susceptible to fractures. Pain may be moderate to severe depending on the location of the fracture. Some general symptoms of spinal fractures include numbness, tingling, leg numbness or weakness, and loss of bowel and bladder control.

Types of spinal fractures

Patients with weak bones or osteoporosis commonly experience compression fractures, but they can also occur from force. A compression fracture causes the bony front of the spine to collapse or compact while the back of the remains intact.

A burst fracture is a more severe break often caused by serious or catastrophic injury, mainly from auto accidents or falls from high places. The injury crushes the spine in all directions, usually causing the fragments to push through the spinal cord.

A flexion or chance fracture often occurs from head-on collision or force that throws the body violently forward. This fracture typically causes breaks in the area joining the thoracic and lumbar regions, sometimes called seat belt fractures.

Most minor fractures can heal with noninvasive treatment, but some types need surgery to heal. If a negligent party caused the fracture, the injured party may seek compensation.