Is fatigued driving dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Taking to the roads when tired, sluggish or under the weather comes with dangers. A drowsy driver could cause a fatal accident on a Texas highway. Every commuter, including those operating cars, trucks and motorcycles, could cause a deadly collision when fatigued. Not everyone understands the dangers of drowsy driving, so it’s important to be aware of this risky behavior.

Drowsy driving creates hazards

Anyone with difficulty concentrating or staying awake may wish to avoid driving. This advice includes people who drive for a living. Truck drivers, food delivery providers and ride-sharing drivers might cause terrible disasters when putting themselves and others at risk. The same logic applies to anyone getting behind the wheel when they feel drowsy: Even a short, one-mile trip could result in a crash.

Fatigue undermines a person’s reaction time and hurts their concentration. In some instances, fatigue could mimic drunk driving behavior. Keeping oneself and others safe becomes a challenge to drivers when impaired. Most troubling is the fact that not everyone is concerned about fatigued driving causing impairments.

Reasons for impaired driving

Car accidents may happen when someone has worked too many hours or driven for too long. Such behaviors contribute to fatigue. In addition, taking over-the-counter medicine may leave someone excessively tired. People understand the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving, but they may not understand that drowsy driving is equally risky.

A fatigued driver might avoid a collision with another vehicle, but having trouble concentrating could result in missing objects on the road or not noticing road signs. Falling asleep at the wheel might result in a car crashing into a telephone pole or going off the road and hitting a building.

No matter a person’s occupation or time spent on the road, it’s important for them to avoid getting behind the wheel while drowsy. Making alternative arrangements could save their life and someone else’s.