3 types of drivers you want to avoid on the roads

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Car Accidents |

While you cannot judge a book by its cover, you can get a good idea of what is inside. The same applies to drivers. You cannot tell everything about them from inside your vehicle, but you can pick up clues about how likely they are to crash into you.

Driving instructors talk about reading the road. The more you can tell about what lies ahead, the greater your chances of staying safe. One of the biggest hazards to look out for is the people with whom you share the road.

What makes some drivers more dangerous than others?

Many factors go into determining how safe a driver is. Yet you cannot access most of that information. Here are a few general assumptions that may help you stay safe:

  1. Truck drivers: Truckers are often tired and overworked, which could lead them to make mistakes. The size of their vehicle means the consequences could be catastrophic.
  2. Parents of young children: If you have watched parents struggling to keep their child seated in the supermarket grocery cart, you will have an idea of the trials parents of young kids face when driving. Focusing on the road when your child is trying to distract you is tough.
  3. Cars full of young males: Male teenagers are more at risk of crashing than any other demographic and over twice as likely to crash than females of the same age. Filling the car with their buddies increases that risk due to distraction and the tendency of groups of young males to egg each other toward ever stupider forms of behavior.

If you spot any of these driver types on the road, it pays to give them a wide berth. While you should not have to watch out for specific categories of drivers, doing so will be easier than claiming compensation if they crash into you.