2 unseen dangers at warehouses

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Work Injuries |

You may work at a warehouse where you move heavy equipment for long hours. You understand the risk that this job puts on your body every day, but do you realize there are dangers you might not be able to avoid, no matter how careful you are?

You should know that warehouse workers can be injured by the goods they work around and the very tools that support them on the job.

Forklift accidents

Many people who operate forklifts have very little training and experience for their job which can lead to forklift accidents. Without the correct training, forklifts can crash or tilt, causing injuries to the driver. Forklift injuries can look similar to motor vehicle injuries (spinal and head injuries), however, the tynes (or the forks) can easily cause fatalities.

Forklift tynes are often sharp and flat at the tip. While meant to help lift crates, they can act as blades if they come in contact with flesh, severing appendages in an accident and severely disabling a victim.

Flammables, explosives and toxins

Many of the shipped containers that warehouse workers are tasked with moving reveal some sign that indicates if the contents are flammable, explosive or toxin. Under the right care, these goods can be transported from one place to the next with ease. These containers, however, often require a delicate touch that comes with practice. 

If these containers are fractured during shipping, then contents may spill out and cause damage to their surroundings. Broken goods could cause a variety of injuries to workers exposed to solvents, gasses or other hazardous materials and compounds.

Injuries while working can severely impact how a worker performs their job. If you or someone you know can no longer work, then you may need to reach out for legal help.