3 ways delivery drivers increase your risk of a major car wreck

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Car Accidents |

There was a time not that long ago when the vast majority of delivery drivers worked for one of a handful of companies or maybe a pizza restaurant locally. These days, with online orders representing a huge percentage of annual retail sales, the need for delivered goods is constant.

The largest delivery companies have had to expand their fleets, and some companies have created their own fleets to deliver their packages quickly and cost-effectively to their customers. Unfortunately, the ever-increasing demand for delivery drivers and the competition to keep those delivery costs as low as possible can significantly increase the possibility of collisions occurring.

How do delivery drivers contribute to people’s overall collision risk?

They park in places they should not

Delivery drivers may have to fit hundreds of stops into a single shift, so they can’t spend time walking around the block. They need to park as close as possible to a property and then move on to the next home as quickly as they can.

Delivery drivers may park at the top of hills, just around a blind curve or many other places where drivers may not spot them easily. These questionable parking practices may increase the risk of someone hitting a parked delivery vehicle.

Delivery drivers may engage in unpredictable maneuvers

Delivery drivers have to follow GPS directions to get to the next stop on their routes, and even missing a single turn could affect whether they complete their route for the day or not. Delivery drivers may have to make unexpected, sudden maneuvers that could surprise others nearby and result in a major collision.

Professional drivers may feel the effects of exhaustion and distraction

Needing to constantly navigate while driving is a significant distraction. Needing to eat at the wheel or feeling an intense urge to go to the bathroom can also be a distraction that keeps a driver from focusing fully on safety in traffic.

Delivery drivers may also have to work very long shifts or even second jobs to make ends meet, which can mean that they are too fatigued to be safe at the wheel. When delivery drivers cause collisions, there may be a business insurance policy that covers you and the losses you suffer.