What happens if the drunk driver who hurts you is uninsured?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

If you are like most working professionals, you don’t have the money to absorb all of the costs of a car crash without help. You should be able to turn to car insurance when someone causes a crash that injures you or significantly damages your vehicle.

Unfortunately, there are some drivers in Texas who don’t have any insurance on their vehicles and others with very minimal coverage. People who make irresponsible decisions in one area of their lives are likely to make irresponsible decisions in other areas as well.

A driver who gets behind the wheel after drinking too much may also be someone who forgets to pay their insurance bill, leading to a lapse in their coverage. What happens after a crash caused by a drunk driver without insurance?

You can potentially take them to court

When a drunk driver hurts you or damages your property and does not have adequate liability insurance, you may be able to use their misconduct as grounds to take them to civil court. However, someone without the resources to pay for insurance may not have adequate personal property or income to compensate you after a lawsuit either. In that scenario, looking into third-party liability could be a solution.

Businesses can have some liability for drunk driving crashes

Texas licenses the restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. These businesses must train all of their staff members on the legal limitations on alcohol sales. If the workers at a licensed facility violate liquor laws, the business may be vulnerable to a dram shop claim.

Serving someone under the age of 21 would lead to liability for the business, as would serving someone who is obviously and visibly intoxicated already. Dram shop claims could involve an insurance settlement or sometimes going to court against an establishment that over-served someone who then drove drunk.

Some drivers with expanded coverage on their own policies may be able to make claims against their personal coverage after a drunk driving crash. Others may have opportunities for different third-party claims, like a social host liability claim if someone provided alcohol to a minor.

Learning more about alcohol and liability rules in Texas can help you look at your options for compensation after a drunk driving car crash.