Phantom limb pain after an amputation injury 

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Oil & GasWork Injuries |

When someone suffers an amputation injury, they might experience a condition often known as phantom limb pain. This is when someone has a sensation of pain in their limb, even though that limb is no longer there. This can be very distressful and confusing, and it can certainly impact your quality of life. 

The first thing to know is that this is real pain. If someone experiences this, it can be frustrating to them that others will have trouble understanding it or even believing that it’s real. But the nerves are transmitting the signal to the brain suggesting that they should feel pain, even though those nerves are no longer connected to the limb that was once in that location.

How long will it last?

Everyone has a unique experience with phantom limb pain. Some people just notice a few seconds of pain that don’t make sense. For others, this goes on for days. It can often keep going for months after the amputation injury.

Why does it happen?

It happens because the trauma experienced by the body creates mixed signals. Different types of therapy attempt to alter those signals. There’s nothing that needs to be done from a physical standpoint, but there may be some rewiring of the brain to get the phantom pain sensations to stop.

What have you been injured?

If you suffer this type of injury, perhaps working in an oil field, it can affect the rest of your life. You need to make sure that you know about all of your legal options. You may deserve compensation.