What to consider when trying to pinpoint the cause of a crash

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Sometimes it’s obvious who was at fault in a crash. Getting compensation should not be too difficult if the crash occurred because a driver tried to overtake you when there was no space or flew through a stop sign.

Yet sometimes, collisions are less clear. You claim it was the other driver’s fault, and they claim it was yours. It could well be a bit of both, as most drivers make little errors from time to time.

In cases such as this, you may need to look deeper to pin the blame, or more of the blame, on the other party. Here are some leads to follow up on:

Food or drink containers strewn around the vehicle

They could be old, but they could also signal the driver had a hand off the wheel and their mind on their food or drink rather than the road.

Small children and babies

While passengers of any age can be distracting, young kids are more so than most.  Ignoring their antics or cries can be incredibly difficult for a parent, and it may be they momentarily turned to quieten them, missing spotting you in the process.

A blaring stereo

Music can affect how people drive. If you remember hearing fast music blasting from their car as you came around, it might have influenced them to speed or drive aggressively.

A phone

Most people take their cell phones in their cars with them. Yet not all use them. If you can access their phone records, you can see if they were on it when you collided.

Seeking legal help to examine possible factors that contributed to your crash can help you get the compensation you need.