Recovering from leg fractures may take longer than you expect

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Your recent accident injured you, but you feel pretty lucky to have only suffered a broken leg. You are sure to be back on your feet and living your life in no time, right?

While not generally life-threatening, leg fractures come with more recovery complications than most people anticipate. Severe breaks in the leg can keep you away from your regular work schedule and in treatment for a year or more.

How serious is the fracture?

Even minor leg breaks typically mean six to eight weeks of recovery. You can expect limited mobility, pain and ongoing treatment to impact your life and ability to work during this period.

More severe fractures, such as when the bone pierces the skin or shatters into multiple fragments, require surgical intervention. After surgery, patients must usually participate in extensive physical and other therapies to encourage optimal healing.

It can take up to six months for those with serious bone fractures to reacquire partial mobility. You can anticipate another six months or more of treatment and therapy to resume your normal activities. Some patients even spend time in a physical rehabilitation center after they leave the hospital.

How much does recovery cost?

How much you spend out-of-pocket on your injury depends on your location and whether you have health insurance. Generally, it costs from $2,500 for an uncomplicated fracture to around $33,000 for a complex injury. These estimates do not include surgeon and other associated fees.

You could break your leg in just about any accident, from a negligent motor vehicle crash to a work-related slip and fall. Knowledge of Texas injury compensation laws can help you obtain sufficient restitution to meet your medical care needs and replace wages lost due to the injury.