Was your ankle fractured in a crash? 

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Car Accidents |

A car accident can result in numerous injuries, with the severity depending on the scale of the crash. Your feet are generally placed at the pedals in the front of the vehicle, which means they are exposed in a crash that impacts the front of your car. 

In such a scenario, your ankle could suffer damage, with a fracture being one of the more serious types of injury. Outlined below are some of the more common symptoms of a fractured ankle

Obvious cases 

In some cases, it is immediately evident that your ankle has been fractured. Your foot may be noticeably deformed and there may even be protruding bones. Such injuries are traumatic both physically and emotionally, and it’s vital that you seek urgent medical care. While these injuries can be painful, doctors are often able to repair the damage with surgery.

Nonetheless, you will need an extended period of rest to make a full recovery. In cases where the foot has been crushed, a full recovery might not be possible because of permanent nerve damage. 

Not all fractures are obvious 

Some fractures occur in bones that are more internal, and the fracture might be smaller. This does not mean that the injury is not serious and does not require medical attention. If you notice severe discomfort and pain when you walk around or carry out your daily activities, an X-ray or MRI scan could help to reveal any underlying fractures.   

A fractured ankle will decrease your mobility, meaning that it’s unlikely that you can work. You deserve compensation if your injuries were the result of negligence. Seek some legal guidance to find out what options you have.