What happens after a work-related motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2023 | Car Accidents |

There are countless reasons why people may drive as part of their jobs. Perhaps delivery or transportation services are part of their job description. Maybe they simply need to perform some tasks for their employer or they frequently travel to client facilities.

Unfortunately, driving while working can mean that someone ends up getting hurt. A car crash can occur at any time, including when someone is at the wheel because of their employment. Those who drive on the clock may be at higher risk of a severe or fatal injury while working, as crashes are a top cause of worker fatalities across all industries.

A worker who has been hurt on the job may have to worry about how to repair their vehicle and pay for medical bills, and they may also miss work for some time until they recover. How should someone handle the aftermath of a work-related car crash?

They may need to pursue a personal injury claim

Most drivers in Texas carry liability insurance coverage as required by state law. Someone hurt in a crash can typically count on the property damage and bodily injury liability coverage of the other driver to help cover their expenses.

Often, when a crash leaves the vehicle unsafe to drive or inflicts significant injuries, insurance could prove insufficient for someone’s financial needs. In that scenario, a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash would be necessary. A worker may also need to hold the other driver accountable for the career consequences of the collision if it not only costs someone wages but may affect their ability to keep doing the same work.

Workers hurt in crashes can hold a responsible party accountable

Trying to use job benefits or paid time off to cover the costs created by a crash would be unfair to the person injured. Such actions force them to take responsibility for the consequences of a wreck caused by another driver.

Workers who pursue claims against those at fault for crashes often have an easier time bouncing back from the financial and professional consequences of a crash that occurs while they are on the clock. Understanding when a personal injury claim may be filed in one’s own interests can help those who are worried about the consequences of a recent car crash.