Delivery drivers operating dangerous vehicles are often asked not to turn left

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Do you ever feel like you don’t see delivery drivers turn left? Maybe they’re always turning right, to the point that you feel like some of their routes are not very efficient.

There’s a reason for this. Many companies have their own routing software that they use, which operates much like other GPS systems. But instead of looking for the most efficient route, the software is set up to prevent drivers from having to make left turns. It will try to encourage right turns during all possible encounters, and this has led to a left-turn rate that sits at about 10% for affected drivers and their routes.

Why is this done?

The reason that companies do this is because they know how dangerous left turns are. Any driver who has to make a left turn has no choice but to cross through oncoming traffic lanes, unless they are on a one-way street. This means that left turns are inherently more dangerous than right turns are.

This reality is not just true with delivery drivers, of course. It applies to all drivers. Some delivery companies have simply looked at the statistics and decided to react to them in specific ways. They have found that because left-turn accidents happen so often that they would rather avoid them entirely.

Considering the size of delivery vehicles

Another potential issue that can cause accidents with delivery vehicles is their sheer size and lack of windows. This can lead to all sorts of problems with visibility and maneuverability. Drivers may not be able to see pedestrians or cyclists. They may not even see other cars when they’re changing lanes. Also, delivery drivers often have to travel down small residential streets. This can increase the odds of a crash because these large vehicles are just hard to maneuver in such a confined space. These realities also underscore the fact that avoiding left turns, when possible, is ideal because delivery vehicles are often uniquely dangerous to begin with.

Have you been injured in an accident?

These are just a few of the dangers that delivery drivers navigate on a regular basis. If you’ve been hit by a driver and suffered serious injuries as a result, take the time to look at all of your opportunities to seek financial compensation with the assistance of an experienced legal professional. Simply because certain vehicles are more dangerous than others doesn’t mean that accident victims are at their mercy.