Large pickup trucks pose a serious danger to pedestrians, others

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Pickup trucks have been getting bigger for years now. They’re absolutely massive compared to what they were two decades ago. Many pickup trucks will come up to your shoulder when you stand next to them. This is even exaggerated when people put lift kits on their trucks.

As you may expect, these trucks pose a very significant danger on the road. The statistics show that they are far more dangerous to other drivers than smaller vehicles.

For instance, one study found that a person who got involved in an accident with a large pickup truck, rather than an accident with a passenger car that was similarly sized to their own, was 159% more likely to pass away in that accident. This risk isn’t to the truck drivers themselves. But by choosing to drive those vehicles, they are massively increasing the odds of a fatal accident for everyone else that has to share the road with them.

There’s also a greater danger for cyclists and pedestrians

Accordingly, cyclists and pedestrians found themselves in greater danger from these vehicles. Part of the problem could be a lack of visibility. If a pedestrian in a crosswalk is shorter than the truck, can the driver really see them as they turn? 

But a major part of the problem is simply the impact point. A person who gets struck by a tall vehicle is more likely to sustain injuries to the chest, head and neck. These are areas where fatal injuries are simply more common.

Finally, it may be more difficult for oversized vehicles to share the road. You can especially see this when they are trying to share the road with cyclists. Drivers may try to force their way by without having nearly enough space, causing accidents with cyclists that simply wouldn’t be an issue if cars were smaller.

What are your options?

One thing is for certain: The growing trend of big pickup trucks doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the United States. This means that other drivers need to be very aware of their options if they lose a loved one or suffer serious injuries in an accident one of these truck drivers causes.