420: ‘National Pot Smoking Day’

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2012 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

At least some of the furor against drug and alcohol use has to do with the safety of our roadways. Every time something bad happens, like an alcohol-related truck accident, there is a certain amount of outrage.

Any person who drives under the influence of a substance, be it alcohol or marijuana, has much to lose if he or she causes an accident. Truck drivers, for instance, stand to lose their commercial driver’s licenses.

Other drivers, such as those who are convicted of repeat impaired-driving offenses, or those who kill someone because of impaired driving, face significant time behind bars.

In addition, impaired driving is negligent driving, and negligent driving – whether you’re drunk, high, or speeding – opens you up to personal injury liability.

Since April 20 has become known as “National Pot Smoking Day,” some authorities have resorted to unique tactics, twisting the infamous day in their favor.

As Douglas Dowty reports for the Post-Standard, an ambulance corps is distributing free drug-testing kits to parents of teens – which should strike up an interesting dialogue between those parents daring enough to ask their sons and daughters, “Will you let me test your urine for marijuana?”

It does, however, make sense that the ambulance corps is distributing these kits. After all, an impaired teen behind the wheel often results in disastrous consequences on the road.

SourceRural/Metro hands out free drug-testing kits to Syracuse-area parents