San Antonio Drugged Driving Accident Lawyers

Fewer states in the nation have harsher criminal penalties than the state of Texas. Many outsiders question Texas law that prohibits, for instance, drug use and marijuana possession, when several other states and communities are beginning to legalize marijuana for medical use.

But no matter which side of the debate you’re on when it comes to drug use, it’s easy to agree that drugged driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving when it comes to negligent behavior. And this is the type of behavior that gets other people seriously injured or killed in Texas car wrecks.

We do not rush to settle cases in our personal injury practice, which works to your benefit. But that doesn’t mean we sit on our heels, either, in the crucial days and weeks immediately following a drugged driving accident. The experienced car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery never stop working on your case.

Sidelined By Drugged Driving In Texas?

Drunk driving has gotten plenty of attention over the last couple of decades. But with the growing movement to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, more people are recognizing the problem of drugged driving.

But drugged driving cases go beyond marijuana. The cases we handle include:

  • Marijuana, with or without a prescription (Texas does not recognize medical cannabis use)
  • Synthetic marijuana (also known as “spice”)
  • Bath salts
  • Methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin
  • Painkillers and other drugs prescribed by a doctor
  • Any other drug that can impact safe driving

Just because you have a prescription doesn’t mean you should be driving. Anyone who has been injured because a motorist was driving while high will understand how important it is to seek justice for negligent – some would add “purposeful” – behavior.

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