Distracted driving more dangerous than drunk driving

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

Two days ago we wrote about the driver of a “monster truck,” his modified Ford F-250, who was drunk behind the wheel after drinking for hours at a strip club, and ended up hitting and killing a young woman in the parking lot.

Incidents like this make it plain that drunk driving is dangerous.

But distracted driving – anything that involves not paying enough attention to the road – might be even more dangerous, in terms of the sheer number of accidents that result. As Mike Headrick reports, nationwide estimates bear out that a full 80 percent of wrecks might be from driver distraction.

That makes an activity like texting while driving possibly more careless and dangerous – perhaps even criminally negligent – than getting behind the wheel after drinking. Headrick quotes a prosecutor: “At what point do you cross over saying, someone needs to do jail for this before they kill someone?”

Source: Victim of distracted driving: ‘two seconds’ changed my life