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Experienced Texas Distracted Driving Lawyers

There’s a reason many of our past clients come back to us or refer their friends and family: it’s our dedication and experience. While there are many San Antonio personal injury lawyers, not every law firm or lawyer has handled the types of cases that we have.

Take car wrecks, for example, that are caused by distracted driving.

Distracted driving has been around much longer than drivers who text on their smartphones. We get it because we’ve seen the accidents happen. We’ve handled the cases for those who were injured because of distracted driving. From just plain inattentive driving to texting while driving on a smartphone or other mobile device, if you were injured in a car wreck because someone wasn’t paying attention, contact us today at 210-340-0900 for a free consultation.

When It Comes To Distracted Driving, We’ve Seen It

Our firm has been in the practice of representing injured people and their families since 1990. Through our years of experience, you’ll find that we differ from some other law firms in the way we do business – we do not rush to settle cases. This approach serves us particularly well because not every personal injury case is clear, such as distracted driving accidents.

However, these cases generally come down to one thing: not paying enough attention to the road. We handle cases that include:

  • Texting while driving (including chat, email, instant message, etc.)
  • Talking on the phone or with passengers
  • Fiddling with the GPS system, radio, or other applications
  • Being distracted by children
  • Eating and drinking
  • Applying cosmetics, shaving, etc.
  • Distraction as it applies to drunk driving or fatigue

If a motorist does any of the things listed above while he or she is driving, and causes a car accident, the San Antonio car accident attorneys of The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery will do everything possible to maximize your recovery.

Talk To Our San Antonio Injury Lawyers About Your Distracted Driving Case

No matter how the accident occurred, be it from texting on smartphones to truck driver fatigue, the trial attorneys of The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery are ready to represent you – all you have to do is contact us today by calling 210-340-0900 for a free consultation.