New findings indicate e-cigarettes more dangerous than thought

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Upon entry into the marketplace, e-cigarettes were hailed by manufacturers
as being a decidedly safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. As such,
many people started using the vapor inhalers as a preferred method of
getting their intake of nicotine. But Texans who traded in their soft
packs and crush-proof boxes for an e-cigarette device should be advised;
they could be susceptible to serious injury from effects caused by the
vapor they are inhaling.

Research conducted at UC-Riverside in 2010 concluded that e-cigarettes
did indeed pose potential health risks. The researchers went so far as
to recommend taking the devices off the market so more time could be devoted
to examining potential health dangers.

A more recent study indicates that the intake of the e-cig vapor could
actually strengthen potentially deadly, drug-resistant bacteria. In addition,
the vapor may also weaken the human immune system’s ability to destroy
these bacteria. The bacteria studied were of a type that colonizes in
an area of the nasal passage that is exposed to inhaled elements such
as the e-cig vapor.

A lead investigator in the bacteria study says that while e-cigarettes
are likely less harmful to your health than regular cigarettes, caution
should still be exercised regarding their use.

Thus far, manufacturing, sales and distribution of e-cigarettes have not
come under heavy scrutiny by the federal government. That may well change
as the steady stream of eyebrow-raising information continues to flow
from research studies. Seemingly, every new study focused on e-cigs finds
even more reasons to be dubious about their overall benefit.

All manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that consumers are informed
of the potential health risks inherent in the use of their products. If
you or a family member are hurt using a product that lacked proper warnings
or was in some manner defective, you have the right to respond with legal
action. It may help you to
seek aid from a lawyer located in Texas who can do research, conduct an investigation and perhaps
determine the best way to get you compensation for your pain and suffering.

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