Texas oilfield workers subjected to many on-the-job dangers

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Oil & Gas |

Crude oil is truly the lubricant that greases the gears of American industry. Texas has a long-established heritage of providing the country with a steady supply of this important commodity. In fact, oil is sometimes humorously referred to as “Texas tea.”

In recent years, the oil industry in South Texas has seen a genuine boom. This boom has created a demand for workers who are willing to put in long, hard hours in return for a good rate of pay. Given how important good workers are for oil companies, one would think that their safety would be of a high priority. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

This blog has previously made note of how workers face many potential hazards while out in the fields. In fact, recent statistics demonstrate how oilfield fatalities have actually risen.

But in addition to fatal injuries, oilfield workers can receive very serious and even permanently debilitating injuries. Spinal injuries, brain injuries and burns can all put workers out of commission for years to come. Therefore, if a worker makes a claim, it should account for any future expenses that are attributable to the accident.

When oilfield workers suffer injuries, they should receive fair compensation. But sometimes determining what constitutes a fair dollar amount is complicated. When this is the case, an injured worker should consider hiring a Texas oilfield accident attorney who has knowledge of how to tabulate future financial needs.

In addition, if an oil company or their insurance carrier is not forthcoming in providing compensation after a claim is filed, an attorney may be able to secure payment through more direct legal means.

To find out more about the methodology this firm applies to seeking compensation you can go to our page dedicated to oilfield injuries.