Oilfield accidents, radioactive toxins, and injuries

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Texas oilfield accidents and resulting injuries come in many forms. These include everything from explosions to injuries caused by air, ground and water contamination to injuries from exposure to radioactive toxins in oil and gas waste materials.

Oil and gas well waste

Oilfield accidents involving explosions tend to garner headlines. With that said, exposure to oil and gas well waste may in fact present a greater threat to the health and well-being of people in Texas and across the United States.

Oil and gas wells produce an estimated trillion gallons of toxic waste in a given year. This waste includes radioactive materials that can cause serious and even potentially fatal harm to workers and members of the public at large. Texas being a major producer of oil and gas in the United States renders the Lone Star State home to a significant percentage of oil and gas well waste.

Worker exposure to oil and gas well waste

The list of workers in the oil and gas industry exposed to oil and gas well waste, including radioactive substances, is becoming more expansive. Field workers are on the frontline when it comes to exposure to toxic waste generated by the Texas oil and gas industry. The range of exposed workers include truck drivers as well, individuals involved in hauling waste from field sites to disposal locations

The nature and extent of injuries resulting from oilfield accidents can be profound. Holding parties responsible for these injuries is vital and can prove to be challenging. Consequently, individuals injured in oilfield accidents, including those associated with toxic substances, are best protected by retaining the services of an experienced Texas lawyer.