Disreputable websites may sell defective drugs

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Defective Drugs |

Many of us rely on medications in order to function and feel good on a daily basis. For some people, required medications are a necessary part of life. But drugs can be very expensive. It would be perfectly understandable for a person to look for the best price available for a medication.

There are many websites that sell drugs at cut rate prices. And while consumers may be able to save some dollars when making purchases, the products sold on these sites may actually be defective or fake.

The problem is that many of the companies selling drugs via the Internet are less than trustworthy. The medicines that they are touting could be laced with dangerous ingredients. These drugs sold by dishonorable dealers may be counterfeit, past expiration, of the wrong dosage or mislabeled.

Moreover, some companies are based outside of the United States, meaning that even if they are demonstrably dishonest, there is nothing that federal officials can do to help consumers who have been scammed. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration advises that consumers limit their online drug shopping to websites belonging to pharmacies that hold official state pharmacy licenses.

Defective drugs can cause serious harm to those who consume them. And while such injuries may be difficult to endure, your chances for successfully receiving compensation are much better if the drugs in question were purchased from reputable sources.

Should you or a family member ever be injured by a defective or dangerous drug, a Texas personal injury lawyer may be able to help you get fair compensation for medical expenses.